9-11 Oct 2019 Marseille (France)

Environnemental impact

The PLATO week 9 is an eco-friendly / earth-friendly meeting.

Substantial efforts have been done in the organisation of this meeting to decrease its environnemental impact. The PLATO week 9 aims to be (as much as possible) a plastic-free meeting. Below are the actions undertaken to make the PLATO week 9 an eco-friendly meeting:

  • Promote train instead of plane on the meeting venue page.
  • No plastic bottles of water are provided during the meeting. Instead, each participants will get as goodies a reusable gourd. Water tanks are made available in the meeting rooms to refill them.
  • Do not use plastic for the participants' cards.
  • Request the caterer to avoid plastic during coffee breaks and lunches.
  • Give priority to local and seasonal food for the lunches and social dinner.
  • Provide video-conference sessions to allow remote participation.

Attendees can also take easy-to-do, eco-friendly actions during the meeting. Below are a few examples that we encourage:

  • From the airport to reach Saint-Charles and the EMD, take the bus instead of a taxi: the carbon footprint of the bus is of about 2.5 kgCo2 per passenger, while it is of 10.6 kgCo2 for taxi (one passenger). You will also save money.
  • Leave your badge in the recycling box at the end of the meeting: the necklace will be re-used for other meetings.
  • Avoid using plastic bottles and re-use the one provided to you.
  • Please recycle your coffee cups & lunch dishes in the corresponding bin.
  • Trash your papers to the appropriated recycling bin.
  • Bring your own mug to use during the coffee breaks.

All the trips to attend the PLATO week 9 produced a total of about 60 tonnes of Co2 (if you came by train please email le LOC to improve this estimate). To decrease the environnemental impact of the PLATO week 9, we encourage offseting your emissions using, for instance, the GoodPlanet foundation.


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